4 Apps Like Instagram That Helps You To Stay In Touch While Travelling

We all love vacation! Spend a little time away from the grind and get some good relaxation in. But traveling to our vacations? That’s not always quite as pleasant. When we travel, we lose our sense of familiar comforts, and, in part, that's the point, right? But most of us still want some connection to what we know. We still want to remain a little bit in contact with all that is home.

Have Tech, Will Travel

  If there is one thing we are sure you will be taking with you when you travel, it is your smartphone or tablet - maybe even both! Here are four great apps to use while you are traveling to help you stay in touch.    
  • Skype

    The free app Skype is so popular and widespread in its worldwide use that the company name has become a verb, like Google. When you want to Skype someone, you can call them using voice-over-internet, you can message and chat, or you can do video calls as well.     If you communicate with other Skype users, it is free! Skype is the best known communication application and most people are aware of it, increasing your chances of connecting with another Skype user.    
  • Foursquare

    While you are out and about, let people know where you’re at with Foursquare. Connect with other travelers through recommendations and see who is nearby. Publicly check-in on Foursquare and it posts to Facebook and Twitter, keeping worriers back home at bay.    
  • Instagram

    The popular Instagram photo app is great for traveling! Your friends and family can follow your journey when you use a vacation hashtag. They can search for your hashtag to bring up all your travel pictures. Instagram is a great way to keep a photo diary of your traveling as well.
  1. Wi-Fi Finder
https://likesandfollowersclub.com/buy-views-on-instagram/ Something important to remember while traveling: None of these apps work without WiFi. Another thing to remember? None of these apps work for FREE without WiFi. Be very careful while traveling to avoid data and cellular charges with your mobile carrier. Check out the rules and regulations BEFORE you travel. Trust us.   Another thing to remember while traveling is that travelers are often good targets for scams. They are often rushed, don’t speak the language, and feeling a bit bewildered.  WiFi hotspots that set up by criminals looking to gain access to your data and passwords are a very real threat whenever you are looking for WiFi.   Wi-Fi Finder is another free app, and this one helps to protect you while traveling by making use of app users’ personal reports to create a listing of over 500,000 WiFi hotspot locations in almost 150 countries.  

Bon  Voyage!

  What do you think? Ready to detach a bit, knowing that you are still connected and can still stay in touch? Be sure to try all of these great apps to help you while you’re traveling. Relax and enjoy that vacation!  


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